Why I Believe In The Cooperative Program​

Sand timer on yellow background

The Clock is Ticking

I’ve always loved playing games and competing. Like many of you, I enjoy competition, and I always have. I played sports in high school, competed

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Group of people displaying unity through prayer

United yet Unfinished

In October 1823 on a Tuesday, Alabama churches sent messengers to a meeting in Greensboro. Those in attendance helped form the Alabama Baptist State Convention. They

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A Mousetrap for Christmas?

I’m sure many of you have already completed your Christmas shopping and you’re just enjoying the holiday season watching Hallmark movies and/or football games and

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Don’t Hold Back

As we think about our lives as followers of Christ, we should be constantly reminded of a few foundational truths: We belong to Christ. We

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More Than Enough

Several years ago, I was serving as a youth minister, and we were looking to make the youth area more, “youthy.” I think we’ve all

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Better Together

When my son played T-ball, the Tigers had a pitcher that was the fastest player in the league. This kid had amazing speed, but the

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