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Actual 2022 Percentages:

  • SBC Mission and Ministries 50%
  • Alabama Baptist Missions and Ministries 50%

Your church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program are distributed according to this formula as approved by the messengers at the Alabama Baptist Convention.

For a detailed accounting of where your church’s 2021 gifts were put to work, email Lori Lockett at llockett@alsbom.org

For a copy of the Cooperative Program Budget, call Lori Lockett at 334-613-2283 or email llockett@alsbom.org.

Giving from Alabama Baptists in 2020:

  1. Cooperative Program Receipts: 37,558,354.85 (exceeding the Budget: $37,500,00).
  2. Myers Mallory Receipts: $1,206,116.35
  3. Total Receipts: $67,808,638

2020 Gifts were distributed as follows:

  1. Total gifts to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC): $36,384,083.63 (58% of total receipts)
  2. Total gifts to the International Mission Board (IMB): $21,738,724.99
  3. Total gifts to the North American Mission Board (NAMB): $9,475,599.90
  4. Percentage of total receipts from Alabama to the 2 SBC mission boards: 49.68% of total receipts
  5. Total gifts to the SBOM $12,168,907

Cooperative Program Giving Highlights:

We are thankful to God for the exemplary missions history of Alabama Baptists since 1925 when the Cooperative Program (CP) began. As of December 31, 2019, Alabama Baptists have given $1,375,603,347 through the CP since 1925. Of that amount, SBC Great Commission Ministries have received $617,611,065 from Alabama Baptists – a solid 45%! Since 1925, our churches have given 45 cents of every CP dollar to support SBC ministries. By the end of March 2021, we should pass the $1.5 BILLION mark sent in support of CP Kingdom efforts. Praise the Lord!

In the year of COVID-19  with churches unable to meet in person regularly, Alabama Baptists passed their budget goal of $37,500,000 by $58,354.85. Our total CP receipts for 2020 were $37,558,354.85

That amount was divided equally (50/50) between the SBC and Alabama Baptist Convention. During the year, Alabama Baptists set the pace among state conventions in the amount of CP dollars given to SBC ministries. No one can question the missions heart of Alabama Baptists.

With a closer analysis, our churches made a strong statement as to their passionate support of missions. The following table supports this fact as it displays the mission gifts sent from Alabama to the two mission boards of the SBC.


Annie Armstrong

Lottie Moon

IMB Designated

NAMB Designated

Hunger Offering

SBC Causes

Portion of CP





























Alabama Baptist churches forwarded a total of $62,826,431.51 through the State Board of Missions (SBOM) in 2020. Of that amount, $36,384,083.63 (58%) was distributed to the SBC Executive Committee. IMB then received $21,738,724.99 (30%) of Alabama’s gifts and NAMB received $9,475,599.91 (13%). No one should doubt the passion of Alabama Baptists in taking the Gospel from Alabama to the uttermost.

Moving into 2021, the CP percentage being sent from Alabama to SBC causes will continue to be 50.0%. Our SBOM trustees and convention messengers have approved a plan for 2021 to use the same distribution formula for all gifts received beyond the 2021 budget of $37,500,000 to the SBC Executive Committee and our SBC mission causes.


As a reminder, the Alabama Baptist Convention has no megachurches. We are not the largest state convention in terms of people or dollars. Our people have a heart for missions that leads them to make missions giving a priority. 

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